Helpdesk for tenants

Waste collection

Wheeley bins

Full wheeley bin containers are not allowed to be heavier than 60 kilograms. You are allowed to place the wheeley bins at the side of the road the night before they are emptied between 9 PM and 7.30 AM. After the wheeley bins are emptied, must remove them from the side of the road before 8 PM.

Garbage bags

Full garbage bags can be placed at the side of the road on the morning they are picked up this is usually between 5 AM and 7.30 AM (they can be up to 10 kilograms each). These garbage bags are collected once a week. In some (parts of) town(s) garbage bags are collected twice a week. If they are collected in the evening, you are allowed to put them on the side of the road after 5.45 PM. Please make sure that you only use garbage bags bearing the KOMO-mark.

Underground containers

Tenants that us underground containers have a small card (‘huisvuilpas’) that allows them to open the container in order to deposit waste. If an error occurs, please contact the phone number that’s listed on the container. In case you damage or lose your card, you can request a new one via the website of your local waste collection company (costs are approximately € 15,-). If you have just moved and you don’t have a card yet, you can get a new one for free on presentation of your rental agreement.

Please check the website of the local waste collection company for the latest waste collection schedule: e.g. Spaarnelanden (Haarlem and surroundings)