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Washing machines

Valves of washing machine taps have the tendency to get stuck by scaling if they are rarely used. You can prevent this to open / close the tap when you use the machine.If the tap is stuck by lime scale, you’ll have to replace it. You can get a new tap at a plumber or hardware store (don’t forget to bring a roll of Teflon tape).

  • Close the main water valve and drain the last water from the pipes.
  • Loosen the old tap (turn anti-clockwise) and discard it.
  • Wrap the threads of the new valve tightly with Teflon tape (4 or 5 times round, really tight!) and screw the new tap on the place where the old one used to be.
  • Make sure the tap is closed. Close the drain valve at the main valve and open the main valve, you will hear water flowing back into the pipes.
  • Check if there is no leakage. Open the new tap slightly and allow any air to escape. Now reconnect the washing machine.

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