Helpdesk for tenants

Wall decoration

You want to decorate your home with wallpaper? The tenant is not allowed to hang wallpaper to walls and ceilings that do not already have wallpaper. This can require a lot of additional work when trying to restore the walls for painting again. Wallpaper glue will need to be sanded off which is extremely time consuming.

Wallpapering, painting or applying other wall decoration is the responsibility and on the expense of the tenant. Before applying the tenant doesn’t need to ask for authorization, unless the house has been furnished and decorated by the landlord

When moving out

If a new tenant objects to the (wall) decorations, the house should be returned to its original state by the departing tenant. If that’s not possible, the departing tenant needs to finish the walls in a neutral colour.

If the new tenant agrees to the new – not standard – wall decoration, the commitment to deliver the walls at departure in a neutral colour transfers to the new tenant.

The assessment of the quality of the walls if to the landlord or his representative. If it doesn’t meet a normal quality standard, the landlord will have the walls finished at expense of the departing tenant.