Helpdesk for tenants

Service costs

Some tenants are under the impression that the payment of service costs. additional supplies and services entitles them to a 'service' of the landlord or management company. However this is not the case. This a payment for additional supplies and services as specified in the rental agreement. 

Any litigation issues regarding contract with Ziggo, PWN, Nuon, etc. are the responsibility of the Tenant.

These responsiblities do not form part of ‘Additional Services and Supplies’

  • Tenants who have locked themselves out of the property.
  • Clearing blockages caused by condoms, sanitary towels, toilet paper, or food stuffs.
  • Replacing fuses or reset the trip switches.
  • The replacement of any incandescent or fluorescent lights in common areas.
  • Providing toilet roll.
  • Disposal of junk mail, door to door pamphlets, etc.
  • Cleaning on common areas entrance halls, stairways, toilets, bathrooms etc.  In shared accomodation residents should draw up a cleaning rotation.