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Room thermostat

With a room thermostat it’s possible to set the desired temperature for a room. This thermostat acts for the central heating.


When the room thermostat is turned up the circulation pump and the burners of the central heating boiler will start operating, causing heated water to flow through pipes to the radiators. Once the set temperature has nearly been reached, the gas supply is closed and if there is no additional request for heat the circulation pump will switch off after a period of approximately 15 minutes.

Time program

Nowadays you’ll find a clock thermostat in many houses. It is equipped with a timer and with this you may set the times that you would like the heating to go on and off. This results in energy saving, because when you are not in the house it is not being heated unnecessarily, this can also lead to the boiler failing if left on continuously. It is possible to set the time for the heating to go on an hour before you come home thus the comfort is increased because one never has to enter a cold house.

A disadvantage of a room thermostat is that in the room where the temperature sensor is that the temperature will shut off when reached in that room and other rooms may not have achieved the required heat. Another way of heating is a weather-dependent regulation.