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Refrigerator maintenance

How to deal with your fridge?

When a refrigerator makes a lot of noise, it is usually the result of too much dirt in the vents. Try to remove any object that might block the air flow. Put the vacuum cleaner beneath and behind the vents to remove the dirt.If is of great importance that the refrigerator is level. After transport or after moving the fridge, it can’t be switched on for 24 hours.


A good moment to clean the fridge is after it has been defrosted.

  • Clean the fridge with a soft cloth and mild detergent
  • Wipe the fridge with a damp, soft cloth.
  • Annually remove dust from the vent on the back of the fridge by using a brush or soft cloth. This will save energy!

Note! Don’t use soap or aggressive, abrasive, bleach or soda-based cleaning agents.

Note! Parts on the inside of the refrigerator are not dishwasher safe.


Gradually an ice build-up in the fridge and freezer compartment will need attention. If it’s about 3 mm thick, you should defrost the fridge. Frost reduces the cooling capacity and the life span of the refrigerator. A fully frozen freezer leads to failure of the freezer compartment door or the hinges. The costs of a new door or hinges are borne by the tenant. Follow these steps while defrosting:

  • Remove all parts and food.
  • Turn the temperature control knob in inside the refrigerator to zero. (you can also just remove the plug from the socket).
  • Leave the door open (the light will be off, because there is no power).
  • Put dry towels in the fridge to absorb the water.
  • Put bowls of hot water in the freezer compartment to assist in the defrosting process.
  • When the freezer compartment and the cooling element are free of frost, remove the towels and cups of water and dry the fridge with a cloth.
  • Clean the refrigerator and freezer compartment a described above.
  • Switch the fridge back on.

Note! Don’t remove the frost layer by force or with sharp objects. Do not attempt to speed up the defrosting with a hair dryer.


If the door doesn’t shut properly, this will assist in an extra build up in the fridge as it will be working twice as hard to keep the food inside cool. To find out whether the door is properly sealed when closed, close the door with a piece of paper in between. Then pull the piece of paper. If you feel back pressure, the door closes properly. If you don’t feel anything, the door doesn’t close properly. Perform this test regularly on all four sides of the refrigerator door. If the door appears to be not closing properly, please check the hinges.