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Nuisance by neighbours

If you are suffering from nuisance from your neighbours? Nuisance (noise, or other) should be resolved by both parties. No matter how annoying, it’s important to make the problem negotiable quickly. It’s best to approach the person concerned directly. Don’t wait too long, if you’re severely irritated it is difficult to have a good conversation. Often people are not aware of the nuisance they cause. If they are confronted in a normal way, they will be more inclined to take account of other residents. Don’t get angry just explain how the noise is affecting you, appeal to their sense for compassion for others rather than accusing.

The only possible action against troublemakers is eviction, that’s evacuation. However, this can be a difficult process which can only be possible in case where there is an extensive file built up over a period of time by either the affected tenant.

If you cannot reason with your neighbour, you may get assistance from the policy however please inform your landlord of your intention to do this