Helpdesk for tenants

No gas supply

Gas is provided in almost all houses in the Netherlands. The main valve (image) is located directly after the gas meter. Everything after the main valve is the responsibility of owner or the tenant. In most cases the central heating and the cooking is gas-fired. 

Resolve it yourself

If no gas is coming from the valve, check the following. 

  1. The main valve is open.
  2. The valve to the relevant appliance is open.
  3. There is no regional outage (check with your neighbours).

If yes to all of the aboven, it may be that a safety switch has been activated (the B-valve)


The B-valve is a safety feature. It closes automatically if the pressure drops completely. This happens, for example, if a gas line breaks and all gas can flow freely. Once the problem is resolved, the B-valve will remain closed for at least 15 minutes before it will open again. This process can NOT be accelerated by hand.

Resolve it yourself

  1. Close all valves to the several appliances. Sometimes the B-valve is located directly behind the gas meter which will cause the boiler to fail. In order to reset you should also close the gas valve on the boiler. 
  2. Leave the main valve open.
  3. Wait for half an hour and check if the power is restored.

Repair request

If none of the above resolves the problem, please leave a repair request.