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Leakage from central heating boiler

A leaking central heating boiler not only causes moisture problems, but also a lack of hot water and malfunctioning heaters. In many cases, you will discover a leak only at a late stage but there are other symptoms that indicate the leakage.

For example a leaking boiler is not able to operate at full capacity. De pressure in the pipes drops and you will notice that the water flows with less power from taps and shower.

If you look at the boiler it’s possible you see water leaking from the machine. A leaking boiler will cost you money as you’re paying for energy that is not used. 

Before filing a request

We ask you to properly investigate the leakage. A malfunctioning boiler does not necessarily mean that it’s leaking. If you don’t see water leaking, first refill the boiler and determine after 24 hours how much the pressure has dropped. In order get a suitable response, always mention the outcome of your investigation when you file a repair request