Helpdesk for tenants


What happens if you forget your key, lose it or it breaks in the lock?.

The cost of replacing keys and locks are borne by tenants. If it is a key to lock your own home or a key that serves a communal entrance if that lock needs to be changed then you are responsible for supplying the additional keys to your co-tenants and also the replacement of your own lock if it is necessary..

Forgot the key

Please contact your landlord for an appointment to get a spare key, you will need to provide your passport or legal ID so you can receive this. The key will need to be duplicated at your own costs and returned to the landlord the same day.

If this happens outside of normal working office hours you can request the landlord to open your door to avoid the cost of a lock smith. If the landlord is represented by a management company, they may charge costs for getting their spare key and equipment and drive to the property

Lost the key

If there is a security issue as a tenant you can buy a new lock. Loosen the screw under the pin, turn the key a little bit and the lock can go out and the new one in. Note: you need to provide a new key to all tenants and the landlord.

Broke the key

When they key broke in the lock, it is up to the tenant to call the locksmith to drill out the lock and install a new lock. All users of the lock and the landlord will be provided with a new key by the tenant.

Please do not mistake the costs for a new lock or key with Key money.