Helpdesk for tenants

Gas smell

Gas is provided in almost all houses in the Netherlands by one of the many suppliers. The main valve is located directly after the gas meter. Everything after the main valve is the responsibility of owner or the tenant. In most cases the central heating and the cooking is gas-fired.

Gas smell in your home

  1. Immediately shut off the main valve and ventilate properly. 
  2. Any gas stoves, gas ovens or gas heaters you should disconnect and shut down. 
  3. Turn off the electricity main switch as a precaution and turn the main gas valve on again. 

Gas smell near gas appliance

Open all the doors and windows of the room and check if there is a gas leak. It is done as follows:

  1. Take a scourer.
  2. Fill a cup with detergent and water (much detergent)
  3. Cover everything. You can also use aerosols with 'gas leak detector', available at hardware stores. They are more easy to use, but basically do the same as your soapy water. 
  4. If air bubbles appear, there is leak.

If this is one of your own appliances: repair or replace it.

Repair request

Does the gas smell remain after the above measures? Or is it not your own device that's leaking? Leave a repair request. In extreme urgency, call the gas provider at 0800-9009. Any costs made by the landlord in case of emergency intervention will be borne by the tenant.