Helpdesk for tenants

Fire extinguishers

In buildings with multiple rooms/apartments there are fire extinguishers. These are for your safety and are audited annually and provided with new parts if necessary (CO2 cartridges, refill). Make sure you are familiar with the operation of the device, so you’ll be able to act immediately in case of emergency. You can stick to the following guidelines regarding all portable extinguishers:

  • Take the device from the clip
  • Walk to the fire
  • Remove the safety pin
  • Aim the nozzle
  • Squeeze the valve

If they are included in the service costs, the costs annual inspections and possible filling of fire extinguishers shall be borne by the tenant in their rent costs. Only use the fire extinguisher if it’s actually needed. Please also check upon unwanted use by fellow residents or visitors.

Water hose

You may also find water hoses on a red hose reel. In normal circumstances the hose is not pressurized, because there is a shut-off valve at the supply to the reel. In case of fire, first call the emergency number 112. If you attempt to extinguish the fire yourself, first open the supply valve before you unroll the hose and head to the fire.


Don’t try to be a hero. Most casualties in a fire attack occur from suffocation by smoke. In case of heavy smoke, go directly outside and call 112.