Helpdesk for tenants

Extractor hood

Cleaning and replacing of the filters in the extractor hood above the cooking area should be done by the tenants. Repairs to the hood itself should be carried out by the landlord, provided that it didn’t break because of the tenant (e.g. because it has not been cleaned properly and grease is leaking out of it). Replacing the bulbs in the hood is the responsibility of the tenant.

Outlet and recycling

There are two systems of filtering. With the first the hood has a drain to the outside. The second system, the recirculation hood, has a carbon filter that should be replaced at least once every three months. The filters can only extract water vapour, other greases and contaminating substances stick to the filter.


You can clean the with some all-purpose cleaner, kitchen cleaner or undiluted detergent on a cloth. Don’t forget the top, where a lot of grease and dirt settles which is very hard to clean after a while. With stainless steel hoods, please don’t use a scourer as they leave scratches.

Recycling filter
Carbon filter
Modern filter
Fire damage

Replacing filters

If you cook regularly, it is wise to check the filters of your hood once every three month and replace them if necessary. A filter saturated with grease is dangerous, because it can easily catch fire. It also loses its filtering capacities and it will be impossible to extract odours while cooking.

You can check if your hood is working correctly by holding a piece of paper towel under the hood and switching it on. It the paper is sucked up against the extraction filter then it is working efficiently. If the paper drops, it’s time to replace the filters.

New parts can usually be bought at the supermarket. If they don’t sell filters, please visit a hardware store. The filter is clipped between a metal frame and a bottom plate provided with tiny holes. It is quite easy to replace. Modern hoods contain filters that can be removed as a whole and which can be clean in the dish washer. Please do this every week.