Helpdesk for tenants

Electricity failure

In case of an electrical power failure you have:

Total power failure

Total power failure can have three causes:

  1. Power outage in the entire area (please check whether your neighbours have power). This should be fixed by the network operator. Please contact them at 0800-9009.
  2. The circuit breaker is off. Please check the fuse box and turn it back on. 
  3. The main fuse is broken. You can't fix this yourself. The main fuse is located in a secured box and must only be opened by the network operator. Contact them at 0800-9009. In case of emergency a qualified electrician is also allowed to carry out this operation. 

Only part power failure

A group on the circuit breaker is inoperative.  Can you remember which device you just turned on? This device is usually the culprit. Unplug it from the mains. Turn on the group trip switch again or replace the fuse.