Helpdesk for tenants

Communal areas

The garden, entrance hall, corridor and stairs are communal areas. These spaces are not meant for storing goods such as bicycles, tables, vacuum cleaners, garbage bags or shoes. The tenants are responsible for the cleaning of the communal areas. Most tenants find a handy way of maintaining these areas by creating a cleaning schedule which can be hung in the communal area.


If you find post on the doormat please place it in the appropriate place for your co-tenant.  This prevents it being stepped on, damaged or potentially lost when other people enter the building. If post arrives for an old tenant you can write ‘niet bekend op dit adres’ (not known at this address) and put it back in the post box.

The Landlord is entitled to all his post that arrives at the property. Please keep it safe somewhere for him/her when they come to the property.

Do not keep timely offers and junk mail lying around. Throw it in the bin or recycle it.