Helpdesk for tenants

Circuit breaker

If the electricity is down, please check first if there’s a power outage in your area of if the main fuse is broken. If this is not the problem, it may be that the Residual Current Device, RCD, (fuse trip switch) is off. RCD’s are designed to switch off if there is a problem with a particular fuse circuit. This prevents electrocution.

This can happen for example when a light bulb blows, the trip switch will activate as a safety precaution.

Check the fuse box and switch the RCD (fuse trip switch) back on (if necessary, press the reset button). When this doesn’t restore the power, it means there’s a leakage current somewhere in the system.

  • Disconnect all electrical devices from the network, including integrated appliances and the central heating boiler.
  • Now switch the RCD (fuse trip switch) back on.
  • Reconnect the electrical devices one by one.
  • When the RCD (fuse trip switch) immediately is activated then you’ve found the faulty appliance. Often ovens, coffee makers, electric kettles and washing machines cause the problem.


The use of many power demanding devices in one electricity group may cause a fuse to fail. One electricity group is generally adjusted to a capacity of 16 Amps (3000 Watts). A washer of dryer often already needs 2000-2500 Watts. When you connect a coffee machine (650 Watts) to the same group and use it at the same time, the fuse or the machine will fail.This is a safeguard to prevent fire!

To avoid unnecessary costs, it’s best to disconnect certain electrical appliances (e.g. old electrical ovens, old toasters). More information on main fuses and power failures.