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No heating at all


Heating in your house is provided by a central heating boiler. If all your radiators don't work at all (and possibly you also don't have hot water), probably your boiler is malfunctioning. You can easily resolve most problems yourself, please take the following steps.

Resolve it yourself

  1. Is the water pressure at least 1.5 bar?
    Open the casing on the front to watch the gauge. If the pressure is low, you should refill the boiler.

  2. Is the boiler supplied properly powered?
    Is the plug of the pump connected to the power point? Has the fuse trip failed? If necessary, replace it or reset the circuit breaker.

  3. Can you reset the boiler?

Additional checks

If your boiler is working properly, please check the following:

Repair request

If you don’t get the heating to work properly, please leave a repair request. Always state the type of the boiler, the error code and which steps you’ve already taken.