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Washing machine

A common problem with washing machines is blocked outlet by greasiness or fibers. A red light will flash with 'drainage'. With intensive use the filters of the machine must be cleaned at least once a month. Also see the user manual.

Do it yourself

What do you need? A wash basin or towel, cleaning acid and sodium carbonate.

  1. Loosen the filter on the underside gently to drain the water. Keep the wash basin or towel underneath. Don't loosen it completely at once, then you have a huge water spill.
  2. After cleaning the filters, start a washing program empty at 90 degrees. Hot! This will dissolve sany soap and greasiness.
  3. Use cleaning acid in the box for the soap in order to descale the washing machine properly.
  4. A spoonful of sodium carbota removes unpleasant odors from the washing machine.
  5. To keep the washing machine clean, don't use oto much detergent!
  6. Repeat this once every month.

Washing advice

For men: Wash separately: white laundry, colored laundry, dark laundry.

For women: Put items like bras and other delicate items in a special laundry bag. This prevents wires or small finishings from coming lose and get stuck in the working parts of the washing machine.

Energy saving

Nowadays detergents are concentrated. Regular washing can be done at 30 degrees and bathroom textiles at 40 degrees. This saves half the amount of energy compared to washing at 60 degrees.