Helpdesk for tenants


At the start of your rental agreement you will have a working otilet. Cleaning the toilet and minor maintenance arising from the use of the toilet are the responsibility of the tenant. This includes amongst others:

  • Toilet seat and lid: replace broken or loosening jointst. They are easily mounted with two screws / wing nuts.
  • Rubber connector between cistern and toilet bowl. When damaged or deformed it can cause leakage. A new rubber will cost a few euros and can simply be slid around the pipe.
  • The toilet is not filling. By take off the lid of the cistern, you can observe the inside. The plunger which is covering the drain is provided with a rubber ring. Remove the plunger, clean the ring or replace it if necessary. They can be bought for only a few quarters.

When damaged is caused such a a broke seat, burn marks on the cistern or cracks in the toilet bowl this should be repaired or replaced by tenants. 

Also see: Drainage, Sani-flow.