Helpdesk for tenants


Taps or faucets should be repaired and maintained by the tenant. A leaky faucet is often caused by a worn washer. In case of leakage, replace these to prevent unnecessary water usage. Once the tap is leaking, please take the following steps:

1. Disconnect tap

Switch off the main water valve. Remove the knob from the tap. Sometimes you first need to loosen the screw beneath the coloured cap.

Tip! There are many varieties of taps the contain washers in different sizes (thickness and diameter). Therefore stack several washers, so you are sure you have the right one.

2. Unscrew the inside

Loose the decorative pipe and unscrew the inside.  Make sure the gasket in the valve is still intact.

3. Replace the washer

Loose the nut or screw that secures the washer and replace it by a new one

4. Remove lime scale

Remove lime deposits of the valve with a descaling agent.