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Smoke detector, Fire alarm

Smoke detectors are installed for your increased safety.  It can however only contribute effectively to this if they are maintained properly.

Smoke detectors usually operate connected to the mains electricity of the house.  In case of mains electricity failure they are equipped with a 9 volt block battery as a back-up.  This battery’s life will expire occasionally and will need to be replaced.

If the battery fails then a warning beep will emit from the unit.  At this point the battery must be replaced.  Please dispose of these batteries responsibly.


Clean the smoke alarm at least once a year removing excess dust build up with a vacuum cleaner.

Testing a detector

The detector has a test button, this is usually red.  If the detector is working correctly the alarm will sound when this button is pressed.  If no sound is emitted there is a problem and you will need to perform further checks e.g. connection to the mains is not faulty and/or batteries may need replacing.