Helpdesk for tenants

Parking permit

A tenant should arrange a parking permit himself with the municipality. Conditions to be eligible differ per city, but in general two following preconditions apply: 

  • you are registered in the municipality for which the parking permit is applied for.
  • the vehicle registration number for which the parking permit is applied for is in the name of the tenant.


Please note:

  • The information on your application will be compared with the data from the municipality and the data registered with the Department of Road Transport (RDW).
  • Once you have registered you are liable to pay the parking permit cost
  • If you move to another parking zone or change your registration you must let your local council know (de-register).

The cost for parking in for example Haarlem are a little less than € 200.00. In Amsterdam parking permits are provided per borough and you are placed on a waiting list. 

For more information, please refer to the website of your municipality.