Helpdesk for tenants


You think that the house could use a coat of paint?

Maintenance to the walls and the ceiling in the house is the responsibility of the tenant. The wall can be wallpapered or painted, but keep in my that when you leave the new tenant can insist that the wall is returned into its former state. This means the walls and ceilings should be white / off-white and damage to drywall or plaster (holes from nails, plugs, screws, etc.) must be repaired by the tenant.


Maintenance to the inner sides of all frames (windows and doors) are the responsibility of the tenant (the exterior maintenance is borne by the owner). Think of painting/varnishing of the frames, greasing of hinges and repairing of any damage.

Plinths (skirting finishes)

Maintenance to the plinths is always the responsibility of the tenant. Check the plinth and maintain where necessary by repairing, filling, painting or replacing if necessary.

Maintenance to the doors in the rented property is the responsibility of the tenant. Think of locks- and hinges, paintwork and the door handle. When changes have been applied, they must be returned to the original state upon leaving.