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Leakage from the shower or bath

A leakage from the shower or bath can still have multiple causes. We ask you to properly investigate the cause of your request, before filing a repair request. 

1. Is the water overflowing because the drain is blocked? 

When the sewer is blocked, the user (tenant) is always responsible for clearing the drains. He can do it by himself or hire a specialized plumber. 

2. There are cracks in the junctures between the tiles. 

If there are small cracks in the junctures between the tiles, water will flow through and cause a leakage downstairs (in your apartment or with the downstairs neighbours). You can easily test this by putting a plug in the drain and open the tap. Use the shower head to spray water on the tiles. Is it leaking downstairs, then you’ve found the cause. File a repair request.

3. There’s a leakage in the sewer

If there was no leakage while performing the test as described above, it may be there’s a leak in the sewer. Put a plug in the drain and fill the bath or shower stall with water. Pull the plug and check whether it’s leaking while all the water flows out at once. If so, you know there’s a leakage in de pipes below the shower. File a repair request

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