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Garden maintenance

The maintenance of the gardens, yards, driveways and fences should be borne by the tenant. This includes:

  • Maintaining the garden area, front or back of the property.
  • Keeping paths clear and boundaries neat, with the exception of the construction of the driveway. 
  • The garden should be levelled adding extra soil, if necessary.
  • The grass should be mowed regularly.
  • Weeds should be removed from pathways and access points.
  • Replacing broken tiles if necessary.
  • Regular pruning of hedges and cutting back tree back should they over hang access points.
  • Replacing plants which have died.
  • Replacing any broken fences or broken boards in decked areas.
  • If the fences have been painted or stained, additional coats must be applied after a harsh winter to protect the wood. 



Construction of pathways, ramps and building of border fences are the responsibility of the landlord.