Helpdesk for tenants

Connecting internet

You to have an internet connection in your home? An internet connection is a private matter which every tenant has to sort for himself. If you live in a building with multiple tenants, you can't use the CAI (Cable TV) for your private internet. 

Of course, in mutual consent with the other tenants, you can apply for a wireless connection and share the costs. In this case, your landlord or helpdesk can't offer you help or support whatsoever in connecting, maintainting and if necessary repairing the internet connection.  Well known service providers are Ziggo or KPN.

Internet included

If your rental agreements states that additional supplies and services include a contract with the internet provider, you can ask the password with your landlord. This subscription is usually a shared wireless conection. 

In case of problems, make sure you have the contact information of the provider with you. The landlord only provides payment of the subscription, not the technical support. Please contact the helpdesk of the service provider in case you have a failing connection