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Check-in / Check-out

A check-in and check-out (or delivery) takes place at or as close as possible to the legal transfer date. Usually this is the last or the first day of the month. At this point you will be handed the keys to your property. 

Important - for leaving tenant

Every new tenant wants to be handed a nice, clean home where they can begin living happily with no stress.  We have created below a checklist for department tenants as a guide:

  1. Close holes in the walls made by picture hooks, ensure that the walls are clean and one colour.
  2. Make sure the cooking extractor is clean and not covered in grease.
  3. Clean gas hob/electric plate and ensure that the oven is clean from food spills and grease.
  4. Ensure that the refrigerator is clean from food spills and the freezer compartment is defrosted.
  5. Wipe down kitchen cabinets.
  6. Clean floors, check the care instructions for the laminate. Check carpet and hire a carpet cleaner if necessary.
  7. Clean windows.
  8. Clean shower/bathroom areas and toilet.
  9. Wipe any dust or dirt from blinds, get curtains dry-cleaned if necessary.
  10. Take all your own rubbish away with you or dispose of it in the rubbish bank. Ring the waste collection to make an appointment for large rubbish removal.

Additional check-out points
  1. All bedding, towels etc. should be washed and ironed and put back in the closet.
  2. All kitchen equipment, cutlery, pots and pans should be cleaned and put away.
  3. Remove all your personal belongings.
  4. Please clean under the bed, tables and chairs and couch.

If the property does not meet the required standards and the new tenant complains, the landlord is entitled to hire a professional cleaning company at the tenant's expense. This amount can be deducted from the tenant's deposit.