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Central heating boiler

A central heating boiler is part of a central heating system which provides hot water to the areas to be heated in a building. A combi-boiler also provides the hot water in a home.


When the room thermostat is turned up, the heat circulation pump will be put into operation so that the water will start circulating through the system. At the same time, the gas valve will be opened, so that natural gas is supplied to the burners, where subsequently it is ignited by a pilot light that is always burning or by electronic ignition. The boiler is connected to a discharge duct which leads the flue gases outside. The burners heat the water.

The heated water flows through the pipes to the radiators, which release heat to the room. The cooled water flows back to the boiler, where is it reheated. Once the set room temperature has almost been reached reached, the gas supply is closed to stop the heating of the water. If there is no additional request for heat in this time, the circulation pump will switch off after a period of approximately 15 minutes.


If your central heating boiler shows a failure, you can resolve this yourself in many cases