Helpdesk for tenants

Are you suffering from weak signal of internet / cable television? The daily maintenance hereof is born by the tenant.

Common problems include:

  • No TV signal, but neighbours on the same cable have good signal. The cable is unplugged, the TV is faulty or there is break in the cable to the TV.
  • The internet and cable subscription isn’t paid or is in arrears. Please contact your provider to resolve this.
  • If you share a signal, it may be that someone has diverted some cables or has a switched off an amplifier. A side plug to your device may have a defect or a very long extension cable weakens the signal. Proper cables are 75 Ohm, this number is printed on the cable.
  • You are in an area where DVB signal interferes with the cable signal. Please call your service provider and ask for a technical solution. They are selling attachments than can be placed on the plug end.

Check if your TV is faulty. Use a second device or a device of a neighbour to check whether the defect is in the signal or the device. Always test the incoming cable at the first connection point and not after an extension cord.

Check with your service provider if there is an signal failure in your area. In that case, your neighbours should be having problems as well.

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Of course, you can always hire an electrician.