Helpdesk for tenants

Rainwater drainage

Are you suffering from leakage along the outside wall under the roof? Make sure the gutter and downspout are not blocked. 


When the gutter is filled with water, the rainwater drainage is clogged. The removal of all the dirt of the gutter is often sufficient to remove the blockage. When the water doesn't drain after cleaning, the obstruction is in the downspout. 

The downspout or drainpipe is the pipe that runs down vertically along your house. This is intented to drain rainwater, not leaves. When the drainpipe becomes clogged with leaves, the water no longer runs through the drainpipe en remains in the gutter. 

Do it yourself

Keeping the gutters and outside overflow drainpipes clean is the tenant's responsibility. By late summer, if you live in an area with lots of trees, they will be filled with leaves. Ensure that these are removed and any other debris. If these things are left, after a heavy shower they can be pushed down the pipes causing blockages. 

Important! Never put anything in the gutters other than water. 

Repair request

Are you sure you can't resolve the problem yourself? For example, the pipe is broken or torn. Please leave us a repair request.